The "I'm The Man" Grooms only Workshop
Why just be the groom, when you can be THE MAN!
If you're looking for materials on how to prepare and host a grooms workshop in your area, you've come to the right place.  This site is designed to help educate and instruct wedding professionals about how to have a successful grooms workshop.


Kris Labang, On 3 Photography

Kris Labang, On 3 Photography

Over the past 11 years, David Louis of Dynamic Sounds has been successful in bringing grooms together for his workshops in the Hawaii market. In fact he has had well over 70 grooms in attendance at a few of them.
At his workshop, he helps grooms to focus on two things, how to score points and how to lose points before, on and after their wedding day. 

After numerous e-mails from wedding professionals around the world asking him about his workshop, he has pieced together a comprehensive DVD and CD-ROM set to help other vendors easily arrange their own workshop in their home market.

Grooms Workshop and "Understanding Your Reception Time Line" DVD sets 

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