The "I'm The Man" Grooms only Workshop
Why just be the groom, when you can be THE MAN!
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The “I’m The Man” DVD / CD-Rom Workshop Set
Why just be the groom, when you can be THE MAN!


The DVD is actual footage from one of David’s "I'm The Man" Groom's Only Workshops. (full of ideas for Grooms)

The CDR includes all the paper work David uses to promote and do the workshop:  

- I'm the Man workshop flyer (used at the Wedding Expo and at vendor locations)

- Groom's workshop sign up form

- David’s Grooms only workshop notes (the actual workshop)

- A sample email blast sample from the workshop location (can be used by other vendors too)

- Groom's workshop hand outs for notes and references

The CDR also includes these audio clips:

- Why a Groom's workshop (David’s thoughts behind it)

- The paperwork (explaining how he uses the above paperwork)  

- Setting up your Grooms workshop (from how to choose a location to getting sponsors for the event)

- Creating the BUZZ! (not from beer, calm down) How He advertises the workshop

- At the workshop

- The Follow up (how to keep the BUZZ going)

This Workshop has really helped David to stand out in his market, because it is so different. (Everyone always asks when the next one will be.)

I know this DVD/CDR set will easily help you to arrange a Groom's workshop in your area and help you to stand out in your market. Together we can touch so many Grooms and help them to have a much better wedding day experience.

"Understanding YOUR Reception Time Line" Workshop DVD

You can actually invite the Brides to join the Grooms in this workshop. This DVD covers reception formats from the West coast, East coast and the Hawaii markets. It shows how different each area is and how you can take things from any of the formats to create something that is totally unique for your clients.
 This workshop will help you stand out in your market, because you will be able to answer their questions and take away their stress.





All photos by Kris Labang photography
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